5 Top Gifts for Friends on a Health KickNovember 29, 2016November 29, 2016admin

If one of your friends is trying to get into shape after leading a sedentary lifestyle for many years, it would be nice to give them some encouragement and help them to stay motivate. Giving them a gift that will aid them in their quest for a more toned body is a great way to do this. If you are short on ideas, take a look at the list I have compiled and see if there is anything that your friend might appreciate.


1. A stationary cycle. This is a good choice for people that are embarrassed about their body shape as it will allow them to burn excess calories in the comfort of their own home. The importance of aerobic exercise cannot be overemphasised but if your friend has not exerted themselves for a long time, you may want to tell them to take it easy for the first few weeks and to consult a doctor if they have any health problems.

2. A subscription to an online weight loss club. Working out and dieting on your own can be a very lonely experience and when you feel low it is easy to cheat and ruin all your good intentions. By providing your friend with an easy way to chat to others in a similar situation, you could help them to stay the distance and achieve their weight loss goals more quickly.

3. A beautiful dress or shirt (depending on their gender) that is a couple of sizes too small. Whilst this may sound like a very cruel gift, it could be just what your friend needs to spur them on to make a greater effort. If you pick something that you know they will really like, they will be more inclined to shed a few pounds so that they can wear it as soon as possible.

4. High quality salad dressing. Most people that try to lose weight do so by cutting out foods that are high in calories and eating those that contain relatively few, such as fresh salads. To make sure that they do not become bored of such fare, buy them a good quality dressing to use with salads. You should be able to find many websites that sell healthy produce if you search online and because the majority of them offer a door-to-door delivery service, you will find it easy to send your friend a healthy gift that they will really appreciate.

5. A heart rate monitor. These inexpensive devices are a handy aid for people just starting out on a new fitness regime who want to make sure that they do not overdo it. Those that are made to look like ordinary wristwatches are very convenient and will make it easy for your friend to keep an eye on his or her pulse without having to stop whatever they are doing. Some models also measure the amount of oxygen in the blood but a basic heart rate monitor should be sufficient if you do not want to spend too much money.

You will find hundreds of other gift ideas online but the 5 I have listed above are those that I believe will be most useful to people that are keen to get into shape but find it hard to stay motivated. Being fit offers many advantages to people of all ages and you might like to make a list of those that you think will be of most interest to your friend and include it with your gift, to remind them why they wanted to get fit in the first place.