How to quit smoking using electronic cigarettesDecember 21, 2016November 29, 2016admin

Since few years back, public have slowly become more aware to the dangers and the toxic effect that cigarette can have on the smoker as well as the people around them. But like any habit smoking is also very hard to quit and to kick to the curb. But now there are different kind of ways that are out there to quite this bad and harmful habit. Latest thing that is in market that can help you quit smoking are the electronic cigarettes, they have been more effective in kicking this habit away than the nicotine patches and the nicotine gums. Hence it is time to take a deeper look at how it works

What is the e-cigarette?

Ever since this product has made its way to the market, everyone is asking the same question on how to quit smoking usinggreen smoke e cig can be useful and effective. These newest product on the market also go buy names like e-cigarettes and electric cigarettes. They are produced in such a way that they look and feel almost like the real thing, they have made it to be so precise that when inhaled it even emits smoke but it does not contain any tobacco. How it works is that the user inhales just the nicotine vapours which looks just like the cigarette smoke but it does not have any of the carcinogens which are found in the tobacco which can not only just harm the smoker smoking the normal type of cigarettes but also others around them.

How does it work?

The E-cigarette contains a nicotine cartridge which contains the liquid nicotine and when the user inhales this cigarette, a small battery powered atomizer transforms small amount of this nicotine in the cartridge into vapour. Therefore when one inhales this vapour it gives that person the nicotinic hit within few seconds rather than few minutes with products like nicotine patches or gums. Also when the smoker inhales on the e-cigarette, a small light at the tip of this item would start to glow orange to mimic a normal cigarette.


There are many advantages to e-cigarettes but some which are the reason why more and more people are switching to it to quit cigarette is bec0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000…………………………………….ause of the short amount of time it takes to provide with the nicotinic hit to the user. Also one main reason why so many smokers are not able to quit smoking with the help of normal patches or gums is because they still like and miss the idea of inhaling the smoke from an object like a normal cigarette, and the e-cigarette is able to provide all of that up to the point


In a financial perspective in comparison to all the other aids that are out there which helps people to quit smoking, e-cigarettes are hands down more economical and you would have to spend less in comparison to others. All you have to keep on buying after you buy the kit initially are the nicotine cartridge. So when now anyone asks you how to quit smoking using electronic cigarette, just tell them to buy the kit and give it a try.