Why Go Organic–Even for Your Beauty ProductsJanuary 7, 2017November 29, 2016admin

When most of us hear the word ‘organic’ we immediately think of healthy foods that have been grown without the aid of chemical fertilizers or synthetic nutrients.

These naturally grown fruit and vegetables are of course the most common of organic products that we see everyday on the shelves of our supermarkets and local shops.

There are however, other products available that are completely organic and every bit as good for our bodies as the fresh fruit and vegetables that we see on our trips to the shops.

These other goods are of course the organic beauty products that are now readily available from many good cosmetics and health orientated outlets.

There are many benefits from using organic beauty products both ethnically as well as physically. Below we will at a few of the most popular reasons why so many of today’s women are choosing to go organic.

Chemical Free

One of the main reasons why so many women are choosing organic products over the more traditional synthetic types is because they are healthier for the body. The skin absorbs creams like moisturizers or shampoo leaving the chemicals to freely enter our bloodstreams. This is not exactly considered dangerous but more and more people are deciding that they would rather not put chemicals into their bodies.

Cruelty Free

Another positive factor about organic products is that they have not been tested on animals. This means that the products are completely cruelty free so your beauty does not involve the quite distressing tests that are often carried out on animals.

Environmentally Friendly

Organic beauty products are also much more environmentally friendly than their synthetic counterparts. Organics are grown without pesticides or herbicides, which means there are a lower carbon footprint as well as less pollution.


GMOs or genetically modified organisms are sometimes used in regular beauty products. However, organic products are completely free of these genetically modified elements. One of the main reasons many people switch to organics is because of their totally natural compositions.

Fair Trade

Fair trade is a very important issue to many people today. Nearly all organics product companies will comply with strict fair trade principles to avoid exploitation of workers and their families. This is another reason that many people use organics, as they can use the products knowing that the people that produced them are being treated fairly.

Healthier Option

Organic products will generally have higher levels of beneficial minerals and vitamins than the synthetic varieties. This means that organic beauty products are healthier for your skin and your body.


Many people have found that synthetic products that contain chemicals can cause skin irritations such as rashes and blemishes. By using natural products you can greatly reduce the risk of skin irritations, as they are completely chemical free.

Sustainable Cultivation

Sustainable cultivation means that there is far less damage done to the environment due to exhausting land by over planting. It also means that fertilisers are not required as the land is left to regenerate naturally.

No False Claims

Organic beauty products do not claim that they can make you look years younger within a few weeks or months. The products help you to have healthy skin, which is what they in fact do. The people that believe the claims of synthetic producers often end up disappointed.

So, if you are thinking about restocking your beauty product cabinet, maybe give a thought to the small and environmentally friendly organics industry. It is a safe and healthy way to be beautiful without damaging the planet.