Getting In Touch With The Right Therapist For An Online Addiction AssistanceJanuary 15, 2017November 29, 2016admin

A major concern in our society today is that we face many problems that cause us to suffer. In these circumstances, we are advised to get help, and receiving help from online therapists and counselors is a great way to get assistance. As our lives become more hectic and hard, the percentage of mental disorders, online addictions and drug and alcohol addictions is rising. There are new methods in medicine that have shown new ways to help people find more happiness in their lives. Online therapists engage people in conversation and at the same time try to find the main causes of their addictions.

Online counseling Therapy

Online counseling is the newest way to receive therapy. So many people do not feel comfortable and relaxed in face-to-face conversations with a therapist, so online therapy seems to work well for them. Some find that sharing their secrets will be humiliating in front of a therapist and tend to open up more with an online therapist. They accept this as a great way to get counseling and feel more comfortable with it.

The services you receive with an online therapist are of the same high standard as you would expect seeing a therapist in an office, but the main difference is that you are meeting the therapist online and will not know who they are. This is important, because it is embarrassing for some if they meet a therapist in a social situation. In this case, it is often hard for the therapist and the person both. Anonymity is important to many people when it comes to their addictions and personal problems.

Anonymity Throughout The Process

Online therapy resolves this problem by offering you ultimate anonymity. With online therapy, you only reveal about yourself what you are comfortable revealing. This approach works on many levels and in many ways, but it really all boils down to giving yourself a higher level of dignity.

Cheaper Therapy Costs Online

Another reason online therapy is better is because of the cost. Therapy in an office is expensive. Therapists in bigger cities charge up to $150 for just a 45 minute session of counseling. This makes it difficult for some to get therapy due to their financial circumstances.

Online counseling and therapy takes away this problem. You are not paying for that expensive downtown office, the secretary, the waiting room or anything else. It is easier to go online and pay only for the services you need – therapy.

Based on these factors, it would be to your advantage to consider online therapy for online addictions as well as other addictions. You can feel assured about getting the best quality services that will suit your own personal needs while remaining anonymous.