How To Choose A DentistJanuary 29, 2017November 29, 2016admin

Everybody is afraid of a toothache. But even more people are afraid to visit a dentist even if they realize that they can rescue them from a toothache. Sooner or later it is necessary to surrender. And here is a question: whom to entrust your teeth to so that it will be painless and safe?

There is a common opinion that either in free local clinics or in private dentistry offices or large centres the doctors are the same. If the treatment is the same everywhere, then there is no point to pay more. This idea is proved by the American association of dentists: on average the private clinics offering paid services are occupied on 50-60 %, and free state —100% .

Actually, as it was found out, not everything is so easy. Certainly, excellent experts work in the state clinics, too. But dentistry is the sphere strongly dependent on technological support. Free offices are financed by the state and that does not always allow them to buy modern equipment and the newest materials. So it is not absolutely clear what to choose not to lose.

The price is a quality indicator, too. Generally, expensive materials are tested by time. They are strong, resistant to external influences, easy kept, possess appropriate and steady color. But in dentistry the brands exist, too. For example, German materials are anyway more expensive than American ones with the same characteristics and quality. There are now very expensive materials for artificial restoration. They are imposed in some layers and have the higher durability. But the doctor should know how to work with them. More than that, there should be art abilities. And many clinics use the materials not paying attention to all these subtleties. The price is influenced by the technology. There are new methods of channel filling which allow to reduce the inflammation possibility in future. They demand the additional equipment and are twice more expensive than usual manual fillings.

Iowa dentists state that offering the patient a choice is incorrect. It happens because the doctor and the patient try to subjugate the health to the price: whether the material is too expensive for the patient or acceptable for his purse. In fact such things should not be taken into consideration as the doctor should choose the material due to some medical indications not to the price.